What makes animated explainer videos special?

makes animated explainer videosIn the recent period, explainer videos have become ultra-popular mostly due to their usefulness and affordability. The basic objective of every video like this is to make potential customers understand what some business is about and to strengthen the brand name. Numerous studies have shown that the effects provided by videos are better compared to text. There are a few different kinds of explainer videos out there, but animated explainer videos are among the most used explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos consist of visual illustrations and audio elements and they are usually used for explaining different types of problems and providing solutions (products or services). They can also present the process and help people understand how a specific product or service can help. Sometimes, people use animated explainer videos to provide a simple walkthrough of an app or a site. Some of these videos contain elements like illustrated graphics, animated characters, text, numbers, infographics, stats and more.

Animated explainer videos can be separated into a few different subcategories. For instance, there are animated explainer videos that contain characters. In most cases, we are talking about videos that have fun animated characters that the viewer can relate to. They are experiencing certain problems and show how the product/service can help.

Next, there are videos that don’t contain any characters. They rely solely on illustrated graphics in an abstract way or simply without characters. There are also mobile application explainer videos that rely on screen recording displayed in a walkthrough model via mobile devices. They are used to help people understand what certain mobile apps do. In other words, they are trying to attract new buyers. There are animated explainer videos for websites and web applications. They work in the same way as mobile app videos, but they are focused on desktop and laptop users. Finally, there are so-called video graphics. The best way to describe them is to simply call them animated infographics.

Animated explainer videos represent an outstanding marketing concept. They can easily increase sales of any type of business. It’s quite easy to get the attention of the average Internet user with their help. In the end, animated explainer videos that are shared a lot and have many views will help you tank your website better in the search engine results. Needless to say, this is what every website needs especially when you are using that website to sell things.