Whiteboard Explainer Videos pricing: Things to remember

Whiteboard Explainer VideosThere are many companies offering whiteboard explainer videos. Many people are making these videos on their own too. But, regardless of the solution you select, you should spend some time analyzing whiteboard explainer videos pricing. If you do some research, you will notice that not all the whiteboard explainer videos cost the same. There are some cheap explainer videos and some very expensive. So, what are the things that affect the price of whiteboard explainer videos?

Before we go into details, let us mention that white explainer videos are generally cheaper compared to some other techniques used for explainer videos like motion graphic videos or 3D animation explainer videos.

The length of the video

As you probably know, whiteboard explainer videos are usually short, but they can last 30 second, 60 second, 120 seconds or even more. The length of the video has a strong impact on the final price. Generally speaking, the longer the video is, the more expensive it will be. This is natural because the creator will need a longer story, add more graphics and animations and spend more time. It would be perfect if you can come up with a very short whiteboard explainer video. This is what explainer videos are all about. Obviously, you should include all the basic elements of your business message too.

The deadlines

Do you want this whiteboard explainer video to be finished tomorrow or you can wait for a month or two? The production period is usually between a month and two months. Of course, it is possible to speed up things, but the production company or the freelancer you’ve hired will ask you for more money. Check the deadline they are offering just in case. Remember that it’s sometimes better to wait a little bit than to create an explainer video in a hurry.

The quality

Finally, whiteboard explainer video pricing is affected by the quality of the video itself. In any case, if you want a video that looks good, you have to hire a professional company that has a team of scriptwriters, creative directors, producers, voice actors, illustrators and more. If you want to spend less, you can use the help of a company that uses templates for certain aspects of the video. In this way, your whiteboard explainer video won’t be completely unique, but it will still do the job.